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Freelance writer at Brit + Co. Occasional blogger. Fashion enthusiast + ballet flat connoisseur. Always in a Vienna state of mind...



The Perfect Capsule Wardrobes for Every Type of Beach Vacay

You’re in the final home stretch now, babe. In mere days, you’ll be cruising down the boulevard with the convertible top down and making a beeline for the beach. But not so fast. In the craziness of finishing up “work stuff” and planning your daily vacay itinerary, you’ve neglected to get any actual packing done.
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9 Throwback Fashion Brands That Are Experiencing a Major Revival

As much as we love that new NEW, there’s something to be said about a good remix trend that brings the nostalgia. we’re all ‘90s babes at heart. What if we told you that a slew of popular throwback brands were on the verge of having a major comeback? Oh yeah, it’s *already* happening. Because we know we weren’t the only ones who shed a tear (or three) when we had to retire our beloved Juicy Couture tracksuits — or dreaded the day when logo-emblazoned streetwear was deemed dead — it’s safe to say everything old(ish) is indeed experiencing a resurgence of sorts.
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The Cactus Fashion Trend Is About to Take Over Summer 2017

Goodness knows we’re partial to a playful fun-in-the-sun motif or tropical print that makes us ooh and aah with envy. In years past, we’ve witnessed pineapples, palm trees, and watermelons skyrocket to Insta fame. But what’s next? We’re so glad you asked, ‘cause cool cacti are actually on the verge of being everywhere.
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Ballerina-Inspired Swimwear Is a Thing (and We’re OBSESSED)

Just when you thought ballet style essentials — everything from trend-right tulle hem jeans to grunge-inspired Miu Miu ballerinas — were all you could handle, we catch wind of yet another plié-worthy piece to add to your repertoire. Ballerina swimsuits resembling leotards are positioned to be one of spring/summer 2017’s breakout trends.
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How to ROYGBIV Your Wardrobe for Spring

Epic color blocking, anyone? The time has come to ditch your all-black-errthang routine for a colorful wardrobe that screams “spring is in session.”. In place of blasé neutrals, seek solace in a slew of rainbow hues (think: poppy red, bubblegum pink, and seafoam green) that can be spotted at least a mile away.
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NYC vs. LA — Fall Style Essentials from Coast to Coast

Whether you’re a bonafide East Coast or West Coast babe, there are fall style rules that can be adopted from both coasts. Style wars aside, you can’t deny the influence of certain fashionable cities (cough, cough, NYC and LA) that deserve credit where it’s due. While sunny California is all about honing your personal style and stocking up on dialed-down basics (think: distressed jeans, utilitarian jackets and relaxed silhouettes), NYC is home to an all-black-err’thang aesthetic that means business.
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7 Fashion Apps + Websites That Are *Actually* Worth the Hype

If there’s one thing a self-proclaimed fashion girl doesn’t have enough of (besides an endless supply of Louboutins), it’s time. Time to coordinate the perfect outfit in the morning, snag a pair of the most coveted chunky-heeled shoes of the season and track down Gigi Hadid’s latest workout threads (‘cause we’re obviously dying to know). Thanks to our crazy tech-savvy world, there’s quite literally an app for all your fashion needs. Between sprinting across campus to make your 8am and working the nine-to-five grind, it’s all too easy to let your high-fashion sensibilities fall by the wayside. Well, say no more. We’ve gathered seven game-changing fashion apps and websites that will streamline your life and help you reach style-MVP status like that.
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Internship Dos and Don’ts from Nicole Najafi, Founder of Industry Standard

After crafting the perfect resume and acing your interview, you’ve finally landed a coveted spot at your dream company. Initial excitement aside, first-day jitters are completely expected as you seek to make the best first impression. With countless myths surrounding the internship process (what should you do, what shouldn’t you do), there’s no such thing as being too prepared.
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Industry Standard Is the New Denim Brand of Your Dreams

Finding the quintessential pair of jeans is every girl’s dream. You know what we’re talking about: a pair that flatters in all the right places and is as streamlined as they come. Throw in a competitive price point, and we’re sold. Allow us to introduce you to Industry Standard, the denim brand of the moment that needs to be on your radar, stat.
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15 Tips to Turn You Into an Instagram Pro

If you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours on end — and double-tapping “like” on every other photo — then you just may be #instaobsessed. Don’t fret, it happens to the best of us. Besides admiring the latest and greatest users on Insta, we’ve decided that it’s about time we hone in on our iPhoneography skills.
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18 #InstaMuseums That Are Just a Tap Away

While nothing surpasses the experience of actually visiting a world-renowned art museum in person, sometimes it’s just not possible. Being the social media-obsessed generation that we are, naturally, we’re trained to do the next best thing — which is to turn to Instagram. Whether you’re wondering which exhibit a gallery is currently installing or want a behind-the-scenes look at what the curators are up to, you’ve come to the right place.
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The Steller App Revolutionizes Storytelling

While it’s true that a picture can tell a thousand words, sometimes the deeper story is left untold. For those instances, Steller (free) is here to help you share your story, passions, and inspirations. Stellar is unique in that it’s more than just a photo and video sharing app. Similar to Storehouse, Steller seamlessly combines photos, video, and text to document an experience, a moment, a life-changing trip, or anything else that speaks to you.
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Anjerika Wilmer

Hi, there! I recently graduated with an M.A. from James Madison University in writing, rhetoric and technical communication following my undergraduate studies in art history and journalism. I am currently a style writer for the lifestyle website Brit + Co, a contributor for iPhone Life magazine and a blogger during my spare time.

In a nutshell: I'm a fashion enthusiast + ballet flat connoisseur. Lover of vibrant color stories + minimalist design. Occasional blogger + amateur Instagrammer. Museum goer + all-around creative type.

Currently looking to obtain a virtual social media marketing internship for a fashion/beauty brand or clothing boutique. Services include, but aren't limited to: scheduling content using Hootsuite, editing photos, photographing flatlays (when applicable), curating content for social media (Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogging.



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